Sheriff notes

This section of the site contains rougher notes about progress on the project.

They’re unlikely to be of interest to a reader but act as a record for me.

  1. 28/2 - 25 min run, hills
  2. 27/2 - bouldering on Ko Tao
  3. 26/2 - 25 min run
  4. 24/1 - 25 min run
  5. 20/1 - 25 min run
  6. 17/1 - 20 min run, planks and squats with backpack on Ko Lanta beach.
  7. 16/1 - 20 min run and planks on Ko Lanta beach. Hope to find something to hang off here...
  8. 9/1 - felt like crap (high humidity?) but got a 15 min run in, plus some body weight stuff, inlcuding 3x6 pull ups. Feel more with it now - it's done me good.
  9. 7/1 - session at Saigon Climbing Centre, managed 3 V4s but the ones tried after felt so hard. Felt really frustrated with how quickly I tire after a few moves. Not sure how I can improve on that.
  10. 6/1 - 20 minute run in Saigon. 3km walking. Despite tiredness level 1/5.
  11. 1/1 - 30 minute run in Hoi An. Feels good to have been active.
  12. 30/12 - The psyche is low.. feeling fairly sluggish and inactive. Could do with a run. In a cold climate at the moment which is not great for POTS - just want to lie down and keep warm. Last couple of sessions felt a bit strange - am I over an initial stage of noticeable improvement? Being abroad without a home-base also makes steady progress tricky. Aiming to do a run in the next couple of days.
  13. 29/12 - A bit of exercise - hired a beaten up old bike with a pedal that didn't rotate properly and cycled for an hour.
  14. 26/12 - Climbed indoors in Hanoi (Vietclimb). Finally felt better three days ago. Short session, felt pumped.
  15. 19/12 - Cat Ba island, Northern Vietnam. Feeling under the weather. Fatigued. Climbing is out for the time being. Was hoping to check out some of the outdoor climbing here but need to recover first. Felt somewhat disheartened by the last session - as I noted, maybe POTS is going to be too much of a barrier to my improvement.
  16. 16/12 - session at Vietclimb.. power down quickly.. arms over head seems to get hard fast.. is POTS too much of a barrier above a certain level for me? Other factors: weight, finger and arm strength. Need to make the most of what I have / can do.
  17. 13/12 - session at Stone Goat - not feeling strong, powering down quickly? Bit achy. Questioning how realistic the goal is... EDIT: last go on big red hold overhang - completed! Nothing left in tank.
  18. 12/12 - 25 min run, hot!
  19. 10/12 - felt pretty much recovered from last session so had pm session at stone goat after sitting in a conference hall all day. 3 blue problems done but 2 blues seemed impossible. One was pockets at 45 deg and another had an impossible slopey pocket to hang off. Kind of reminder of core strength importance. 3x 1 min planks! Might need to up the training on that. Long rest and chat with another climber.
  20. 9/12 - at a conference for work. Massive lunch buffet available. Salad!
  21. 8/12 - after overnight train so poor sleep. Session at Stonegoat Bangkok. It’s sweaty in here! Easy session post covid - want to take things slow. Realised I get a bit nervy higher up: can I train for this? Managed 2 (or 3?) of the blue problems. Noticed someone doing a very thorough yoga warmup.. maybe I should do that.
  22. 6/12 back to normal I think. Walking around. Will do some core stuff later. Almost tempted to go to wall but I want to save myself for the place in Bangkok in 2 days. Recovery seems to take 5 days, if meaning no forearm arches. Maybe gym later?? Just cycle or something. Dreamt about climbing - boreal stingers on feet, good footwork! 3 x 1 min planks.
  23. 5/12 on the mend. Hour or so walk around town. Stronger.
  24. 29/11 - Mon 5/12 SETBACK - COVID
  25. 28/11 - generally eating slightly less than normal in the hope of losing a bit of weight. Possible run tonight or tomorrow alternatively. Can look up core strength exercises - do them in the hotel.
  26. 27/11 - Alpine Outpost, CM, 2xV4, overhanging slopey, crimpy vertical. Fingers feel the limitation - power down! Undercut problem - Core strength. Post climbing training: Planks 60s, 60s, 60s; Deadhang incut edge 7s, 10s, 10 (thought was dead before this: maybe I don’t power down as much as I think? Or base level stays?); Rings pull-ups (palms facing) 5, 5, 5
  27. 20/11 - Alpine Outpost, CM, V4 max, juggy