Project Advantages

There’s a number of differences between climbing now and when I started. This post outlines some of the advantages I have now. Also see the challenges post.

Tech progress

I started climbing before the web was widespread which obviously dates me! By the time I’d started to wind-down from climbing there were occasional low resolution videos online and a few websites and forums like UKClimbing and UKBouldering, both still going strong.

Now there’s of course a world of content available for climbers online. You could watch YouTube climbing videos with high-end production values for days on end now for inspiration. Guidebooks are available as apps, and locating yourself using GPS is straightforward, so finding problems outdoors is easier too.

I don’t know how far advancements have moved for bouldering gear. But I’m sure design of equipment like shoes and mats have moved on too.


There are way more climbing walls as climbing has exploded in popularity. It’s now in the Olympics! I shouldn’t have trouble finding at least one wall in most cities.

Advancement of Training Techniques

Knowledge of what training techniques work best for climbing seem to have moved on. I’m never going to be working at a high level, but perhaps I’ll be able to take something from new approaches that the pros use.